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Religious Ceremonials and Images: Power and social meaning (1400-1750)
Fora de Coleção - História
Género História
Ano 2002
ISBN 978-9-72-857537-3
Idioma Português
Formato brochura | 452 páginas | 16 x 23 cm
25,24 €
20,19 €


"Religious ceremonies embodied expressions of power in the widest possible sense, and even those staged by civil authorities incorporated a sacred dimension. All of them were drawn from a common European cultural mold which produced multiple original variations of expressing one's place in the world, signified to spectators who were expected to show admiration and obedience. Therefore the contributions to this volume fill a void and introduce an indispensable comparative method in order to improve our knowledge of Western civilisation at a crucial moment of its development. Beneath conflicts lay shared forms. Ceremonies offer excellent tools for locating some of them and grasping their changes"

from Robert Muchembled´s Preface

"This volume presents the proceedings of the conference Religious ceremonials and images: power and social meaning, held at the University of Coimbra's Palácio de São Marcos, between 25 and 27 May 2001. The conference was sponsored jointly by the European Science Foundation program Cultural Exchange in Europe 1400-1700, under the direction of Robert Muchembled, and by the Centro de História da Sociedade e da Cultura, a research center at the University of Coimbra, supported by Portugal's Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (Foundation for Science and Technology).
The volume purpose was analysing and comparing European religious ceremonies. Two main goals underpinned its organisation. First, to identify points in common between these ceremonies and those which developed within monarchies and cities throughout the modern age, by morphologically analysing the greatest possible variety of religious ceremonies. Second, to discover how etiquette and ritual, considered as tools of political communication and power, were manipulated by the Church and the clergy during the early modern centuries, when the so-called modern state was designed."

from José Pedro Paiva´s Introduction


Robert Muchembled

José Pedro Paiva

Urban architecture and ritual in confessional Europe
Heinz Schilling

Ceremonial Episcopal Entrances in Fifteenth Century North-Central Italy: Images, Symbols, Allegories
Daniela Rando

Bishop's Secular Entry: Power and Representation in Inauguration Ceremonies of the Eighteenth-Century Bishops of Olomouc
Martin Elbel

Les cérémonies de prise de possession du diocèse et de la seigneurie de Sigüenza par ses Evêques-Seigneurs à l'Epoque Moderne
Adrian Blazquez

La translation de la dépouille du pontife romain: un rite de secondes funérailles
Maria Antonietta Visceglia

La vacance du Siège Pontifical. De la mort et des funérailles à l'investiture du pape: les rites de l'époque moderne
Martine Boiteux

From Buddhist Garb to literati Silk: Costume and Identity of the Jesuit Missionary
R. Po-chia Hsia

"Fazer arripiar as carnes e os cabelos." Les cérémonies de la pénitence dans les missions des jésuites au Portugal (1540-1650)
Federico Palomo

The cleansing of the temple. Church space and its meanings in the Dutch Republic
Judith Pollmann

Eucharistic devotion in the iconography of Transsylvanian polyptych altarpieces
Maria Crãciun

A forgotten weapon of the Trento reform: the apostolic visitation
István György Tóth

La participation des abbés au cérémonie du couronnement des rois de Pologne
Marek Derwich

Église, pouvoir et doctrine: les visites pastorales post-tridentines dans l'Archevêché de Séville (Espagne) à l'Époque Moderne
Maria Luisa Candau

Reading Materials and Visuality: Religion and educational models of Early Modern Europe
Stefan Ehrenpreis

The social meaning of the beatification of Pedro Arbués in the year 1664 and his changing images since his violent death
Michael Scholz-Hänsel

Ritual and power in the Court of King João V. The symbolic genesis of political regalism
Ana Cristina Araújo

Ceremonial, Political Allegiance and Religious Constraints in Seven-teenth-century Portugal
Pedro Cardim

Le rituel ecclésiastique et la religion populaire en Russie au 17e siècle. Des "cérémonies paraliturgiques" au "rituel folklorisé"
Aleksandr Lavrov

Miracles and the Peregrinations of the Holy in France during the Wars of Religion
Mark Greengrass

Public ceremonies ruled by the ecclesiastical-clerical sphere: a language of political assertion (16th-18th centuries)
José Pedro Paiva


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